Is there a way to set latest post as the default view

When I go to a category, it always starts me at the first post. Is there a way to have it default (for me and/or for everyone) to the most recent post?

Be careful of your nomenclature here.

When you go to a Category, you will be presented with a list of Topics.

Only upon entering a Topic will you see Posts.

So are you asking: “Is it possible, when entering a Topic, you are shown the latest Post?”?

Correct. I mean going to the latest post on a topic.

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So, to make sure I understand (I’m a fairly new user and, now, administrator!), when my users go to a topic they are active in, they will typically need to manually scroll down to the latest activity?

If that is the routine everyone follows, than we can get use to it.

Sure. How would they otherwise read new posts?

Sure. How would they otherwise read new posts?

It would take you to the most recent unread post …or to the latest post on the thread.

Hi @Duane_Whitcomb :slightly_smiling_face:

It should be remembering the post you last read, and coming back and clicking on the topic title again will take you to the latest unread post in that topic. :+1:

That is perfect! Thanks for your help.

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But that’s not what you asked:

You asked for most recent Post, not the first unread Post. Those two things are not the same.

Sure, it will take you to the first unread Post by default (when you click a Title), but you didn’t ask for that.

You can use the ‘Activity’ timestamp rather than the topic title to navigate to the last post in a topic, or the ‘Replies’ column will give you the option of top or bottom too, if they’re any help?


You are correct…I wasn’t clear in my request. I’m most interested in first unread post so I can get easily caught up without scrolling. I was prepared to go to the newest post and manually go back. Glad that there is something more helpful.

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Don’t worry. I wasn’t clear in my answer either and have deleted where I was incorrect.

As @JammyDodger points out, all these varieties are served out of the box, apologies for any confusion on my side.


  • Title links to last unread Post
  • Last Activity time can be clicked to get you to latest Post (regardless of your reading)
  • Replies number when clicked gives you a couple of useful arrows to click which tell you the time of first and last Post and navigate you there respectively.

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