Better show relation between parent and sub-category on topic view?

When viewing a topic in a sub-category, it shows both the top-level category and the sub-category color boxes and names. There’s nothing showing the connection between them, though. They look just like tags that might just be at the same level (aside from the two-color box for the sub-category).

Is there a way to show the relationship better?

For example, Discourse to Discord Webhook shows both plugin and extras, and they seem to be the same level, like just two tags. Nothing in that view shows that plugin is the top level category and extras is the sub-category.

Something like plugin:extra would be good. Anything to show the relationship better…

With a little CSS you can separate the blocks and make them the same width.


.badge-wrapper.bullet .badge-category-parent-bg {
    width: 9px;
    margin-right: 1px;

.badge-wrapper.bullet .badge-category-parent-bg+.badge-category-bg {
    width: 9px;

Anything specific you had in mind?

Thanks, that’s good to know.

In our case, we have some top-level categories used particularly for grouping of categories and not so much to be a category for posting.

So, instead of support and wordpress looking like separate entries. We want to communicate sort of that there’s one category of support: wordpress which clearly shows the nesting.

Q: what category is this?
A: the support: wordpress category (maybe spelled out: the wordpress category within support)

What we don’t like is the sense of “this is in the support category and the wordpress category”

So, maybe something like this:


or even just the option to completely hide the parent category when looking at a post?

Or maybe support: wordpress with the dual-colored box on the right of the text…?

The priority is to not give the parent so much separate emphasis on its own, avoid the impression of 2 categories.

Getting a sense of the range of possibilities will let us just play with things. Thanks for the help!