Big Header - Little Header

Oh dang, that’s a pretty rad component you’ve got there, thanks for sharing back with us! :heart_eyes:

Any chance of an animated sample, just so those interested in something similar can git the gist of how it feels? (Or better yet, link to a live sample you can share on theme creator so they can play with it themselves!)


No problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

I will most definitely add a sample to theme creator. Thanks for the reminder! I need to update my other themes with the links to their demos on there as well. I’ll try to get a GIF in the post as well.

Edit: I’ve added both an animated image and a demo link to the topic post :grin:


I believe that recent logo changes may have broken this component - if you look at the theme creator version it is not working


Yep, very broken! I’ll get that fixed up ASAP.


Ok, it should be fixed now :slightly_smiling_face:

If anyone reading this notices issues after updating the component, please report them!


There’s just a slight dead zone under the little header where you can’t interact with certain things. Highlighting text, entering a topic, interacting with the timeline. I’m sorry, I don’t really know how to describe my problem, but you can reproduce it by just having text or the timeline below the little header. Try to highlight the text, or interact with the timeline.

Does anybody have any suggestions to fix this? It’s not a super huge problem in general, but it does make the Table of Contents theme component wonky to work with. I’m not sure if this is something to tell you or them.

I love this component, by the way @tshenry.


Thanks for reporting! This should be fixed once you update the component. Let me know if you ever find any other issues.


My goodness, that was quick! Works fantastic, thank you so much!


I have installed this theme, but my logo is not showing up. It was before I installed this theme.

Is there a solution for this? Thanks!

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I’ve been meaning to take a look at this component and make sure everything is still working as expected. I’ll take a look either today or tomorrow and let you know.

Edit: I tested it out and all seems to be working correctly. Make sure you add the large logo image to the theme setting. I have a few improvements in mind for this component, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to them.


@tshenry Why did the background color of my header change from my set color in my theme to white when I activated Big Header - Little Header? Do I need to override it? It feels like the plugin should respect whatever color scheme I have already set in my theme.

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It looks like I had it set to use the $secondary color variable that’s defined in your site’s color scheme. In hindsight, I should have used $header_background since that would allow a user to swap it out through their color scheme very easily. Changed via:


@tshenry Works for me on the “Little” logo (thanks!), but not on the “Big” one, it’s still white.

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Ah yeah, the “Big” header was always intended to blend into the site’s background. If you want to change that, I would try to work out some CSS to add the background. I can look into adding a toggle when I refactor this component, but I expect that’s going to be a while down the road.

Yes I was able to override it with:

.d-header { background-color: #000 !important; }

Another issue I’m running into is that I have used custom CSS to specify a larger height for my header with a larger logo than the Discourse default.

I feel like it would be useful if we could set a big logo height and a small logo height in your plugin settings so that we can achieve the look that we are aiming for.

Otherwise how would I set the height of the “Little” header?

I’ll try to make things a little more flexible through the settings the next time I work on this, but until then you’ll need to tinker with the CSS and such to find the best solution that fits with your other customizations.

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Thanks! I had to disable your plugin for now because when in /admin I could not click on the navigation links at the top (Dashboard, Settings, Users, etc…). I can’t tell if it’s an interaction with my CSS but I’ll investigate.

UPDATE: It was indeed my CSS, I made a mistake somewhere, had nothing to do with your plugin.

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Just a heads up to anyone using this component - I pushed an update that makes it compatible with the core changes that were made to the Discourse header. Let me know if you find any lingering issues. I plan to do a larger refactor when time permits, but hopefully it’s in working condition again.

cc @Alec (since you reported the issue)


Hi! I find this works great on desktop / tablet platforms but on mobile it overrides the search / hamburger / user profile buttons (and Log In…if not logged in).

The buttons are all displayed, but they are not clickable because the hyperlink of the logo is taking precedence.

EDIT >> Fixed with the following CSS.

a#logo-link {
    margin-top: 40px;
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