Dark Theme giant Discourse logo

Hello since today, the Dark Theme Discourse logo is giant and hides the toolbar:

No problem in Light Theme (the default theme?).

Same on mobile where it pushes the right part of the header slightly out of screen:


yes - just noticed that - wasn’t happening earlier so must be a very recent change

same happening in Grey Amber


@Johani, do you think it’s related to this?


Actually that Smart mobile header does not have this bug.
This giant logo only shows up when the Smart header (topic title and mini logo, etc.) is not showing, that is, when we are at the top of the page.


Oh, good, it just has been fixed. :sweat_smile:

What do you mean? Logo is still huge here on Meta as I see it…

Yes, the “alternative logo” component we were using for the dark themes isn’t compatible with the latest improvements to core. I’ve added a temporary fix to meta, made some extensibility improvements to core and made a pull request to the component so that it should be more future-proof.


@danekhollas try refreshing your browser, it should be ok now :slight_smile:


im using hosted-discourse and just got our site running, when I use a bad url, ie qa.fmod.com/asdf - the home icon becomes gigantic. I see the normal sized image one has

img[Attributes Style] {
 height: 36px;

in the stylesheet but that is missing when visiting a bad page. I’ve forced it into the stylesheet right now to fix it but would like to remove this hack.

edit: You should be able to see the forced height value I put in , with the link above. Unticking that in the browser inspector will show the bad behaviour.


Merged it and updated here on Meta, much appreciated :raised_hands:

Should be fixed via


Thanks for reporting the issue @bpaterson2000 :+1:


FYI this was happening to me but when I removed the duplication of the smart mobile header theme (since committed to core I understand) it was fixed (and before this commit)

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