BigBlueButton video conference

Probably. It makes sense that the URL in the address bar be the one requesting to read your screen, right?

Hi all,
I was finally able to install a BBB server and integrate with my Discourse setup via the plugin.
One thing is eluding me. When I crate the meeting the record button does not show up. It does if I start the meeting from my room on the BBB server.



AFAIK enabling recording has to be specified by the plugin at the point of room creation.

Do you mean in this point?

Or in the plugin configuration ( where there is no mention of recording )


It’s not implemented in the plugin at all AFAIK

Oh that’s disappointing

This isn’t really a support topic, you can post over in the plugin topic if you want help, or in the case of the above to ask if enabling recording is in the possible future for the plugin.

I’ve just mentioned how I plan to use the bbb plugin together with the events plugin here: 🗓 Discourse Event - #292 by nicopace

Just as a reference, I am writing it down here: Workflow for holding online spaces on discourse - HackMD

Would love to know if the plugin keeps track of who has attended to the room, or if there is a way of doing that.


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@Stephen could you point us to the support topic that you are mentioning?
I would appreciate to have the ability to record and show the recordings/transcriptions of the chat afterwards…