Cookie bug with BigBlueButton integration

Hi all,
I only see old topics on this. I am trying to use zoom to stream a live webinar into a topic but it seems the plugin or the zoom component are broken.
Is there any other option you know works for this?




You could also try the search function:
(Hum, that doesn’t onebox !? That’s sad :wink: )


Thanks @Mevo. I searched but was not able to get any of the solution running. In some instances is the provider missing support ( zoom ) in others is the plugin not working ( whereby ).
All in all I found no solution for this

BBB I havent tried but it’s super cumbersome.


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Can you explain what you mean by super cumbersome?

We have hundreds of non-technical users connecting to BBB via discourse every day. It has proven to be the easiest of the bunch as it doesn’t require an app and scales incredibly well.

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By cumbersome I mean that it requires a little more effort to setup the whole thing and test for scale.
I haven’t tried to install the server but I need to get a new VPS, install it, secure https via a certificate and stuff. Sounds more complex than firing up an app.
Am I making this too complicated? Are there paid solution I can jump on?



@Fausto_Dassenno there’s always #marketplace if any of those solutions don’t fit your needs.

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I was able to get a BBB server up and running.
Now while joining a meeting from Discourse I got this:


Authentication failed due to missing credentials.

What am I getting wrong?


Presumably it’s your API key or API path?

Hi, thanks for your support. I am using the data I am getting from the command
sudo bbb-conf --secret
run on the server.
I then used the URL and Secret into the config of the Discourse plugin


So for bbb-endpoint have you specified the server FQDN, or the full path to bigbluebutton/api/?

Full path. asterix to cover the real domain.

Which version of BBB did you install?

BigBlueButton Server 2.2.23 (2106)
Just installed today from the url in the install guide.

More on this, I am also assuming I am using the plugin correctly while inputting the meeting ID. Initially I was using the room ID now I am using API-mate to check the meeting ID. Would be nice to have clear indication on how to get the meeting ID ( apart APIs ) :slight_smile:

Are you trying to join an existing BBB meeting? That isn’t meant to be lifted from bbb, it just needs to be a unique value for each meeting created via Discourse.

Interesting. Following your point I assume when I create the new topic

I should come up with a made up Meeting id?

Correct, that’s all you need to do.

Does it work for you now?

doing this:

getting this

Does the same happen if you disable the iframe?

nope, works if it opens in a new window

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