Bigger intervals/ lower frequency for activity summary?

I would have thought that this came up before, but apparently not: I would appreciate of the there were more frequencies to choose from under “Activity Summary”


As I sign up for more and more discourse forums, I realize that for quite a few of them, I would be happy to receive a summary every 3 months or even every 6 months. It would be a nice way to keep in touch without being “spammed” every two weeks.

Does it require too much CPU power to compile summaries for longer periods, or what is the reason for the two weeks limit? Wouldn’t that extra power be compensated by the lower frequency? Or perhaps those low frequency summaries could be allowed to be somewhat more random in their selection of included posts?


@codinghorror maybe we nuke “3 days” and “2 weeks” and add “1 month” / “6 months” ?


The 3 days is useful. The 2 weeks IMO is easy to nuke withoutaffecting user workflows

3 days is super odd, cause it can land on a Sunday or Saturday. Day of week it lands is constantly changing. I kind of like a “Monday and Friday” option, but that is way way out of scope.


Yeah I like your plan best. Nuke those two and replace.

Wow, that was fast!!