Bitcoin wallet integrate into discourse

Is it possible?

Would be so good, your user to have link wallet

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In a plugin, pretty much everything is possible :wink:


One Bitcoin-related integration has already been made:

Edit: Unfortunately it appears the service has been discontinued.


Has anyone found some plugin (or a plugin in development) that can achieve this?

I wish someone can achieve this… would like to have tipbot on my discourse forum so that we can do some giveaways and stuff

I cannot belive that after so many years we still dont have native Bitcoin wallet in Discourse :slight_smile:

Is there a chance we can talk about this plugin?

I will try to clear some things for possible developer who could wrap this plugin.

Is there a way that Discourse forum can send RPC calls to a wallet daemon that would be installed on the same host where Discourse is.

Can Discourse run file that is on same host, in this case daemon-cli file, that could trigger transactions, creation of new address, etc.

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You can commission a plugin for a wallet in the #marketplace.

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Im sure many discourse users who know what crypto is, would like to have crypto wallet integrated into their community.

Maybe we can all join and pay commision for developer, thanks for idea @Falco

In my case, i run Blockchain educational forum, and we also have our own cryptocurrency, it would be BOMB if i could tip my users with our crypto or with Bitcoin/ETH and rest of them.

Thanks again :slight_smile: