Discourse Subscriptions + btcpayserver

Good day,

What would you like done?

We need to extend Discourse Subscriptions
to accept cryptocurrency on our discourse forum using https://btcpayserver.org/ via API BTCPay Greenfield API (v1)

When do you need it done?

There is no hurry but could be very useful if it’s finished in the next month.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Up to $200. Open to your offers though.



Maybe I can help you. I am currently working on a discourse monero integration. The Discourse Subscriptions plugin is very tightly coupled to stripe. So $200 is not enough.


Maybe someone else wants to participate in fundraising for this plugin.
But I still see that it would be a part of Discourse Subscriptions

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Note: I have nothing to do with the decision to include it in the Subscriptions plugin. That said, unless the BTCPay API is exactly the same as Stripe, that’s simply not going to happen. (And even then, I’d consider it unlikely.)

I’d estimate that it’s a $500 job to do the work required to come up with an estimate. A wild guess is that this is a $2000-5000 job.


I agree with that. I did a ton of research for the monero plugin looking at this problem. It requires deep knowledge of the discourse code base and crypto to build something that fulfills this need.

You can rate this work as you like, it is your right.
But that’s not my budget. The price has been announced, if someone else is ready to participate, please.
How much I am willing to pay I have already written above.
Thank you.


As one of the primary developers of the Subscriptions plugin, this was not designed to be extended with other payment services. If support were to be added, it would need to be a thoroughly vetted and well-thought-out PR to the official plugin or a fork would need to be maintained. @pfaffman and @spirobel are right in that it will take a non-trivial amount of effort to get this done.

That being said, Stripe is investing in crypto again.

There may be BTC support on Stripe in the near future. Adding that to the plugin would likely be much simpler.


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