Cryptocurrency wallet integration (Bitcoin)

What would you like done?
I was wondering is there a possibility that someone can create Cryptocurrency wallet that is integrated into Discourse. That way community would have tipping system for all the good stuff in community related projects, etc.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Im sure anyone who knows what Discourse is and Crypto, would join to pay commission for this plugin.

Main thing is that wallet daemon should be installed on the same host where Discourse is, so that Discourse can communicate with daemon via daemon-cli command line tool.

Daemon have possibility to create accounts on wallet, so that funds are separated.

Can Discouse run file on same host, in this case daemon-cli file that can trigger multiple operations on wallet (getaddress, sendfrom, etc), and to be able to receive feedback and show it on Discourse forum.

Second thing is, can Discourse send RPC calls to daemon on same host, that way we can show "network hashrate and another information about blockchain network.

My community created our own cryptocurrency that we could use to make tips on discourse forum, that would be “the bomb”. just imagine button “tip” next to “like” :slight_smile:

We could also provide a bounty in our own cryptocurrency if someone is interested.

We can provide with daemon if needed, our blockchain size is very small, that would be good for starting point for this plugin.

I hope someone with good knowledge can figure out this, and i can provide blockchain related stuff so that we can finish this plugin.

Bitcoin is rising, almost 17k $, i think Discourse should have cryptocurrency wallet and tip system.




For a frame of reference, the discourse-subscriptions (aka Stripe) plugin took several months of development time. You might not need all the features and specs that it has, but you’re talking about a big job. And doing all the stuff by running a cli will be really hard. Is there a web-based API instead?

If you don’t have a big budget (and probably in some hard currency), you’re going to need to find someone who loves Discourse and loves Bitcoin. That person may very well be here! (But I don’t know who it is…)


There are some web-based API wallets, but in our case, we have webwallet that is written in PHP and then connected to daemon.

I hope its not problem for sharing link

Im thinking now, is there a solution to implement this web wallet website into discourse, as iframe or something like that, that could be at least something.

We are non-profit educational community, but im sure if there would be developer, others would join the cause


What is it exactly you want to achieve ? The forum pays the users or the users pay the forum, or both ? (you’re talking of a “tipping system”, but which way ?)

I’m not sure you actually want a “wallet”, here. Really “integrating” a wallet into Discourse doesn’t seem to make much sense and would lead to a bunch of security concerns. As asked, what do you want to do as an end result ?


Goal is that forum members, or at least forum admin tip other users for contributing.

Well, in crypto adoption in mind, tipping some crypto would not hurt, and would introduce many people to cryptocurrencies.

In my case, i would love to have possibility that my forum users have integrated Bitcoin and RXC wallet, again only for crypto adoption and core learning, because we are blockchain community.

I would gladly tip any of my users who would contribute to our community, making it very interesting to have.

So in this case, every Discourse users should have “account” on daemon wallet that is on same host as discourse.

In that case, button “create wallet” on Discourse profile, should send command on the same host, to the daemon-cli file.

daemon-cli getnewaccount “discourse-USER ID”

and recieve feedback with new address in msg system for later use, where every new "request for sending from daemon can only use that same “discourse-USER ID”, that would prevent users funds to get mixed.

daemon-cli sendfrom “discourse-USER ID” “TOADDRESS” “AMMOUNT”

and that’s it for sending a crypto to another user.

I understand that its lots of work, and i hope this will lead someone in future to create crypto wallet for discourse.

Point is that every account on daemon wallet, should be created with “discourse user identifier” or something similar, im not discourage developer so im totally stuck :frowning:

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I guess you may have the wrong idea, here. Let users create their wallet with any identifier they want (some of them may already have one) and you’ll ask them to fill their identifier on your forum. This seems easier and more logical.

Then, you have to think about one thing: Is it better to do a transaction for each “tip”, or to collect all the tips in an internal account for each user, and let them withdraw when they want to (or on a scheduled basis, like end of each month for example). Are there fees on transactions ? Does it make sense to have a lot of very small transactions ? (I don’t know right now, but fees were quite high on Bitcoins recently). It would seem to make more sense to me to collect the tips and work with withdrawals. Sure, users just have to trust you to keep the amounts until they withdraw. You can keep this in a centralized crypto account where it is visible it’s parked there in the meantime.

If you work with withdrawals, there is even a pretty simple way to it, and not requite any “linking” or integration at all. Users can use any wallet they may want, and they just have to enter the address where they want to receive when withdrawing.

Another thing to think about: Do you want to use likes ? That already exists, you just have to track them. Or you want the plugin to add a separate “tip” button ?

Just decide about the above points, and the principle of the plugin doesn’t seem excessively complicated. I can put into clear words for you if you want, and you’ll just have to find someone to actually code it.

Note: You could always have a button to trigger the generation of a new wallet with the service you have in mind for people who don’t have one, and want to use this. Provided the service can be called to do this and you can get feedback in return like you’re describing it. Or you tell the users to do it there and just enter the identifier on your forum afterwards.


I just thought afterward about this.
I pretty much went with the idea “the forum pays its user”. I now realize it’s probably not what you had in mind. I guess you also want users themselves to be able to tip other users. So, the “like” approch isn’t the good one and a “tip” button would be needed. And, if you go the “withdrawal” approach, you would also need a “deposit” part for users to be able to fill their internal account and tip others.

In this case, having everything directly managed from wallets to wallets seems to indeed maybe make more sense. Except the fees and high quantity of very small transactions. The LIGHTNING NETWORK could be the solution, here.

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Good thing is, when all users funds are on same daemon wallet, devided by user accounts, so tipping fee would be internal, and cost almost nothing, and with our crypto its even faster and cheaper than Bitcoin.

Well if discourse “likes” can activate tip command with like, that would be even more cool (tip + like) in one, where we could make costume tip amount or fixed smaller amount of crypto that we choose to be Discourse default currency (in this case our RXC crypto that is fork of DASH latest code with instantsend)

You can register our webwallet so that you can see how it works how fast it transact, just give me your RXC address so that we can send you some for being positive about this.

Good thing is, that Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and even RXC all have almost same code, only thing you change is RPC port and daemon-cli file for manipulating wallet daemon.

So creating one plugin, can work for almost all bitcoin-like codes.

Thank you for clearing stuff for us, it really means a lot.


Ok, great. I didn’t realize that.
It make sense to do everything directly wallets to wallets in this case, and not manage this internally.

The thing with likes if that you would automatically tip when giving a like, then. It could be a nice approach, but you cannot like anymore without costing you money then (and having a funded wallet associated with your account). But why not. It’s up to you to decide what you want. Also, as said, I’m not sure if you want users to be able to tip other users, or only the forum to initiate tips. Up to you to decide too.

Oh, you’re very welcome. It allows me to improve my own comprehension and knowledge of the matter, so it’s good for me too :+1:

Sure, I’m going to do this and I’ll send you a PM with my address. Thanks.

EDIT: Ok, I’m also now realizing you use your own crypto, so tipping with it don’t “cost” you anything. It’s new units you would create, right ? (I was in the idea of distributing Bitcoins initially) And for users to be able to tip with it, begs the question of how they acquire the units first (by being tipped themselves, or there would be a need for them to “buy” some or be given some). Thus maybe you really was on the first idea of the “forum tips its users” only.

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Maybe check out or web3 apis or sdk with your crypto is erc20 token.

In addition, you might want to check You could streamline the payment with a .crypto domain that can receive multiple different crypto.

Hope that helps.


Well it costed me, because RXC is pure POW like Bitcoin, so no premine, no “magic” coins, someone need to mine it first, but true, it would cost almost nothing from network from same wallet daemon.

Both, i want to provide my users abilitiy to store, send, recieve and tip crypto to other discourse users :slight_smile:


My crypto is hybrid of BTC/DASH so its pure POW coin with its own blockchain, will check links and find anything we can use to get our heads around this.

Thing is, every other solution is not integrating into discourse, its rather… hack :wink:

So i think if we all wrap our heads we could build something that could be used in future for Discourse.

:slight_smile: thanks all, this positivity from all of you is WOW

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You might want ot checkout to host your own daemon and use their API to generate payment links


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