Bitnami install on AWS EC2 - email won't work

(Simon Donaldson) #1

I know this install technique isn’t supported but if anyone can help me debug the issue I would be very grateful!

I launch the image, runs correctly, I add my mailgun settings and all test emails send fine. I can change username, password, test email and post notifications etc. Perfect.

Then I set up an elastic IP and run bnconfig --machine-hostname DESTINATION then restart… boom. No more emails.

I then backtrack and reset the hostname to the EC2 instance and remove the IP etc, restart, doesn’t fix it.

I’m not ready to give up just yet though but sadly the bitnami forums aren’t helping.

These are the sidekiq errors:

Can anyone help me debug this, or do these errors make more sense to someone?

(Felix Freiberger) #2

@Frez put together a tutorial on how to set up Discourse on EC2 in a supported way that actually works:

I’d highly recommend that you follow these instructions.

(Simon Donaldson) #3

I found a solution for anyone who finds this thread - follow the update procedure in this wiki to get the latest version of discourse and then everything works as expected! Wish I tried that first before wasting four days trying to debug it!

(Simon Donaldson) #4

I did look at this too but I have to say the instructions are very minimal in places and assume you are experienced with AWS and all the services, almost impossible to follow without prior knowledge.

(Felix Freiberger) #5

I’m happy that you got it running. But please keep in mind that you will not get any support here if your unofficial Bitnami install breaks later – and that is pretty likely as the dependencies change over time.

Can you point out where the instructions were not sufficient for you? I’m sure @Frez would be happy to clarify them where needed.

(Simon Donaldson) #6

Absolutely understand the support issue - I just wish I had updated the Discourse version before trying lots of other things. I only realised it wasn’t the latest version when I had given up and opened a digitalocean account. Happy to say it works as expected now.

Regarding the comment about Frez’s instructions; it’s not a criticism, they are not step by step instructions but are more akin to a top level guide, not suitable to a novice as you cannot follow them explicitly. It would be a considerable amount of work (and then support) to change them into full step by step instructions.