Email Configuration Issues on Bitnami

Hello. I have been having issues with the email, mainly in that I dont know how to set it up. Basically I have configured Disourse completely, but it cant send emails. I installed it with bitnami and I followed their guides, but I am still not sure! Here is my configuration:

smtp_address = “
smtp_port = 587
smtp_domain =
smtp_user_name = ‘’
smtp_password = ‘emailpassword’
smtp_enable_start_tls = true

at this address: /opt/bitnami/apps/discourse/htdocs/config/discourse.conf:
But here is my issue. When I go into discourse to test it it shows this:

no matter what I do, and I cant figure it out. Please help!

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I’m sorry, the bitnami package isn’t supported here.

If you didn’t follow the standard install you will need to ask whoever produced the installation you’ve used for support.

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Ok, thanks. I have spent hours on this and I cannot figure it out.
Thanks for the assistance though.

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You will likely have more luck if you follow the Standard Install which includes email setup.

There’s good reason why we can’t support third party packages. If you use the included discourse-setup it will prompt you for your email details.

There’s also a list of recommended mail providers which work well and are free for smaller communities.

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Ok, does gmail work with discourse?

No, Gmail is totally unsupported, using Gmail to send email from Discourse is a breach of Google’s ToS.

Use one of the free service providers linked in the above doc with a supportable installation.

Just to be very clear, we can’t help you with this or any other Discourse issues if you’re on a Bitnami package. I would really urge you install discourse in the correct way - the process takes 30 minutes or less and will leave you with a significantly more reliable setup.


Alright, I appreciate it