Blackberry browser no longer works in 1.4 beta

(Bcguy) #1

I just upgrade my software last night to Beta 7, but I’m getting complaints from mobile users that its broken the access from new Google Browsers:

“I can only access the forum using an old Firefox browser on my phone now. my modern up to date browser just displays a blank page.”

(Bcguy) #2

Update - its actually on Blackberry that the problem is on: Here is what the user has to say:

“blackberry, latest OS update, latest browser update. It’s one of the most html5 compliant browsers out there.”

(Kane York) #3

Can you ask them to turn on the developer console ( Debugging BlackBerry web applications using Web Inspector | BlackBerry Developer Blog ), look at the JS console, and report what the errors are?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Yeah this will be tough, we have Android, iOS and even Windows Phone to test against, but nobody has Blackberry. Unless someone knows of a simulator, or is willing to send us hardware.

I do remember something about a user turning off local storage in the browser and breaking stuff, you might ask them if they have modified any browser defaults on their device?

(Scott Trager) #5

They don’t look to be that expensive fortunately (especially for a slightly older model)…

As for simulators you could try:

Is there a way to tell how much user-share is coming from the Blackberry browser?

(Bcguy) #6

A little more information:

“browser is from blackberry, not 3rd party. no problems with any other site.”

(Bcguy) #7

Ah - its a nontechnical audience - so not the best option …

(Jeff Atwood) #8

We need the exact model of phone hardware including all version information in the browser.

(Bcguy) #9

"blackberry z10, operating system, browser contains webkit,webcore and javascriptcore components. the browser version is linked to the operating system version which is a few months old (i.e. last update was a few months ago).

There are only a few default options, but I’ve experimented with them all to no avail. the only option resembling local storage is disk cache and that’s switched on."

(Bcguy) #10

Here is what the result was:

SyntaxError: Expected token ‘)’ application-d47f38b9f9b78f51232262df46285c93.js:52

So, missing right bracket in line 52 of the fie application-d47f38b9f9b78f51232262df46285c93.js

(Kane York) #11

Great, it’s a minifier error. Those are the worst kind.

(Sam Saffron) #12

Can you ask the user to confirm

  1. That it works on an older Discourse forum like ?
  2. That it fails here on meta?

(Bcguy) #13

The user says the new Blackberry browser works fine on both of those links (the older one and Meta) . It just doesnt’ work on my forum.

(Jeff Atwood) #14

OK, that is good news – if it works here on meta, then just update to latest code.

We had some IE9 / IE10 regressions in recent 1.4 betas and that might fix BB as well.

(Bcguy) #15

Success - problem solved! Thanks.

(Jeff Atwood) #16

Great! Sorry about the regression, we tracked this in IE9 and IE10 for sure.

(Jeff Atwood) #17