Blackberry browser no longer works in 1.4 beta

I just upgrade my software last night to Beta 7, but I’m getting complaints from mobile users that its broken the access from new Google Browsers:

“I can only access the forum using an old Firefox browser on my phone now. my modern up to date browser just displays a blank page.”

Update - its actually on Blackberry that the problem is on: Here is what the user has to say:

“blackberry, latest OS update, latest browser update. It’s one of the most html5 compliant browsers out there.”

Can you ask them to turn on the developer console ( ), look at the JS console, and report what the errors are?

Yeah this will be tough, we have Android, iOS and even Windows Phone to test against, but nobody has Blackberry. Unless someone knows of a simulator, or is willing to send us hardware.

I do remember something about a user turning off local storage in the browser and breaking stuff, you might ask them if they have modified any browser defaults on their device?

They don’t look to be that expensive fortunately (especially for a slightly older model)…

As for simulators you could try:

Is there a way to tell how much user-share is coming from the Blackberry browser?

A little more information:

“browser is from blackberry, not 3rd party. no problems with any other site.”

Ah - its a nontechnical audience - so not the best option …

We need the exact model of phone hardware including all version information in the browser.

"blackberry z10, operating system, browser contains webkit,webcore and javascriptcore components. the browser version is linked to the operating system version which is a few months old (i.e. last update was a few months ago).

There are only a few default options, but I’ve experimented with them all to no avail. the only option resembling local storage is disk cache and that’s switched on."

Here is what the result was:

SyntaxError: Expected token ‘)’ application-d47f38b9f9b78f51232262df46285c93.js:52

So, missing right bracket in line 52 of the fie application-d47f38b9f9b78f51232262df46285c93.js


Great, it’s a minifier error. Those are the worst kind.

Can you ask the user to confirm

  1. That it works on an older Discourse forum like ?
  2. That it fails here on meta?
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The user says the new Blackberry browser works fine on both of those links (the older one and Meta) . It just doesnt’ work on my forum.

OK, that is good news – if it works here on meta, then just update to latest code.

We had some IE9 / IE10 regressions in recent 1.4 betas and that might fix BB as well.

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Success - problem solved! Thanks.

Great! Sorry about the regression, we tracked this in IE9 and IE10 for sure.