Blank login and signup page

It’s a digital ocean Ubuntu 18.04 LTS instance.

I installed by checking out github to /var/discourse and setting up.


You looked at the main page of your site and found that you did not complete the installation steps yet! You must add the name of the manager and password and complete the registration

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You successfully added administrator information: Check your email


Change the password if you enter it for your site

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you did not enter all the info that was required when you installed it.

you will now need to edit the app.yml file and rebuild before you can use it

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I did.

Here is the activation link

But it doesn’t work.


follow this link to add an admin account to your installation

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Followed the steps and created the account. Now the home page is still blank.

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which install did you follow ?

this one is the recommended one


Nothing special was configured. But the docker is behind nginx. I tried to use ssh -D8080 server_address to open a proxy and used a browser to directly visit the docker instance to by pass nginx. It’s the same result.

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It seems to be something related to our nginx’s pagespeed module.

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I followed Discourse refused to load with CSP policy error after rebuild and disabled CSP.

Now there are less errors. But the home page is still blank. And the errors are like these:


The reason was that was truncated by nginx. I turned off pagespeed and purged cache on cloudflare. Now it works.

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Be aware that Cloudflare isn’t recommended with Discourse:

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If you put the site behind nginx you weren’t following the standard install guide. Pagespeed isn’t supported.

Nothing should be allowed to manipulate the page content. Discourse is a JavaScript application, not a website. It isn’t compatible with third party optimizers such as pagespeed or CloudFlare’s Rocket Loader.

That’s an interesting concept. But as long as nginx or pagespeed or CloudFlare do not violate the HTTP protocol, they should work well together?

Discourse already minifies the JS and optimizes the page. Other attempts to do so aren’t supported or compatible.

Once the JavaScript app has loaded, the data transfer is minimal. Pagespeed can’t help you there.

That sounds great. How about CloudFlare as a CDN? Wouldn’t that help to lower the response time and save traffic?

S3 will save you traffic if paired with a CDN.

Inserting Cloudflare in the route between client and server increases the network hops and slows down request/response times.

Remember that the payload between client and server is nearly never something that can be cached.

Great. How to configure S3 as a CDN for Discourse. Do you have a pointer? Let me try to optimise it.

If you use the search it’s all documented here on Meta.