Website NOT Displaying!

Title says it all …! Been having this problem for almost a month.

Installed homepage more than 5 or 6 times in the past few weeks. The most step I got to is register admin user and page goes black without any actual homepage displaying…!

No errors in the app rebuilt process through every time and here is an example of one. Hopefully can be useful to developers;

RAILS_ENV=production -e UNICORN_WORKERS=3 -e UNICORN_SIDEKIQS=1 -e RUBY_GLOBAL_METHOD_CACHE_SIZE=131072 -e RUBY_GC_HEAP_GROWTH_MAX_SLOTS=40000 -e RUBY_GC_HEAP_INIT_SLOTS=400000 -e RUBY_GC_HEAP_OLDOBJECT_LIMIT_FACTOR=1.5 -e DISCOURSE_DB_SOCKET=/var/run/postgresql -e DISCOURSE_DB_HOST= -e DISCOURSE_DB_PORT= -e LETSENCRYPT_DIR=/shared/letsencrypt -e DISCOURSE_FORCE_HTTPS=true -e LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 -e LANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-8 -e -e -e -e DISCOURSE_SMTP_PORT=587 -e -e DISCOURSE_SMTP_PASSWORD=my_password -e -h vps-ovh-app -e DOCKER_HOST_IP= --name app -t -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -v /var/discourse/shared/standalone:/shared -v /var/discourse/shared/standalone/log/var-log:/var/log --mac-address 02:16:c6:3c:53:6d local_discourse/app /sbin/boot

The above info for a fresh install a few minutes ago. The so far step was blank black page with discourse icon showing in the left upper corner only …!

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If this is production why aren’t you simply running:

./launcher restart app

(Or doing nothing after ./launcher rebuild app)


Is this a standard install?


Tried bootstrap, then start and when changed something did the rebuild app steps but no luck :frowning:

I have 2 plugins only installed but going to take them off and keep per-installed docker only and see how things go :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

K, tried every possible solution and no go!

EDIT from here:

Things are back to normal since OVH dns wasn’t changed but Cloudflare only have been! Therefore, when played with OVH and made them similar with CF. Site :boom: showed up!

I have changed this and replied to my own topic to be a good lesson for those who might have this issue which I became pro in solving it to new comers…!

Next stop will be how to convert a wordpress site into discourse which I had in the past few months :smiley: Hopefully, there are some good tutorials and help from those whom had this before me!

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