Blank main page on one forum (subfolder + multisite install)


My issue is related to this thread that has been previously closed

Despite upgrading with the patch provided by @david, I still encounter the issue on one forum out of two (on a multisite install). correctly redirects to
but does not redirect to and thus I am getting a blank page.

Discourse has been setup using Subfolder support with Docker and we are using a multi container docker setup (web_only and data).

Some other things that I have observed is that on, when opening the main hamburger menu, the FAQ link is now on top of the menu whereas on, it remains on the bottom (I do not understand why and my understanding is that when updating changes normally applies to all forums on a multisite install).

I would appreciate any help :blush:


Anything else to do here @david?


I’m encountering a similar issue (here)

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Thanks for reporting this @jtraulle, it should be fixed by this commit which will hit tests-passed in the next hour.

For the working case, your proxy is adding the trailing slash via a 301 redirect, so it avoided the bug in Discourse

$ curl -I
HTTP/2 301 

Thanks, you are right did not think about this but this make sense (another sysadm have added a rewrite rule on the Apache2 proxy side for the working forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

RewriteRule ^/forum$ /forum/ [L,R=permanent]

Thanks a lot, will upgrade and let you know :slight_smile:


Thanks @david, I have applied the update and it is OK :slight_smile:

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