"Blur Spoiler" and "Hide Details" not found in Transifex

(rizka) #1

I’ve been waiting for those two to appear in Transifex for a long time already. As a non-tech-person I can’t say where the problem is, so I just report the issue.

Finnish locale typos and other notes



You’ll need to submit a pull request.

(rizka) #3

Sounds interesting, but even the concept of a pull request is rather strange to me, no matter how funny that sounds. I think I’ll let someone else do it.

(Régis Hanol) #4

While a “pull request” is indeed a technical term, even non-tech people can do a pull request :wink:

You can click the Create new file button on any of @gkln’s links if you want to add translations to a new locale, or you can click a file and then click the :pencil: icon to edit that file.

Then, it’s just a matter of clicking the green buttons a couple of times and voilà you have created your first pull request :wink:

(rizka) #5

Tried and failed lol (@zogstrip can explain how).

This problem is not specific to the Finnish locale only, but every locale except French for which someone actually succesfully did a pull request, I suppose. If all those people are happy with this glitch, I won’t care neither.

(rizka) #6

I returned to this subject after a conversation in another thread.

I think I did much better this time. Not perfect, though: I messed up with indentations in this one:

Can you edit your pull request somehow?

(Alan Tan) #7

Yea you should be able to edit your commits after making your changes by

git add -A
git commit --amend

(Pad Pors) #8

Hi Zogstrip,

Is it what I should do in similar translation-missed cases described here?

i mean to find the location of git-repository related to those strings and proceed with your procedure?


Fix for details. Is blur working already?

(rizka) #10

The translations look solid, thanks @Silvanus. The Spoiler Alert plugin has translations already.