Filtering the topic list by bookmarks or likes

(Sam Saffron) #1

My big topic list refactor paved the way for a much richer topic list experience, in past I was terrified to add more feature there due to perf, but now I can go crazy with only a minuscule perf impact


I added support for:

Discourse Meta (open in new tab while I sort out routing bugs)
Discourse Meta (open in new tab while I sort out routing bugs)

I find both these filters incredibly useful, for some people (me) likes are a form of bookmark so having access to this is awesome.

I know it exists in the user pages, but that view is not sortable and not nearly as information dense and totally cramped due to the other UI around the topic list.

I think we should add two links to these filters from the user drop down:

I also think we should add keyboard shortcuts


cc @awesomerobot

Favorite vs Like vs Bookmark
(Sam Saffron) #2

also, I wonder if we should unconditionally expand bookmarks…

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I dunno, it’s just confusing to me since the topnav doesn’t change to reflect this strange filtering scenario.

I’d rather see the user page get faster / more flexible for this kind of stuff.

(Sam Saffron) #4

The real estate issue is a killer though

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Not really, not if you suppress a bunch of columns in list view ala “Sam’s minimal”, e.g. 2 lines per row rendering. That frees up a lot of space…

(Just for this scenario, not as a global thing, when there’s constrained space I think the 2 lines per row topic list becomes necessary)

(Sam Saffron) #6

We need to fix mobile bookmarks

(cpradio) #7

Yes please! :smile: g f would be ideal for bookmarks, as for likes… not sure, which key to use for that.

I’m not sure I understand what you are saying here…

You must not use those user pages much… I can’t stand going there and trying to find what I’m looking for. Main Page gives me a lot of options to find the data I’m looking for. I’d personally get rid of the User Page for bookmarks and make the existing link apply the filter. Just my 2 cents.

It would be really cool if we could have a in:bookmarks search parameter too.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

I use them all the time, actually. I am quite violently opposed to using the main page for this kind of stuff. Sorry, just my two cents :wink:

(cpradio) #9

That’s what I get for making an assumption. I can’t stand using the User Pages (for anything…). It is just too cramped. Doesn’t sort, can’t be searched, etc. Just isn’t a good user experience for me. I don’t want to scroll a couple of pages to get to the post I want to view.

But, I consider it a low priority to fix any of that. Yes, it would be nice, but what is there is “functional” to an extent.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Regardless, per-user stuff should be on the user page, and there is a very good argument for normalizing this stuff… it is silly that I can’t even see how many likes my post got from my user page. We also want to move to more of a “greatest hits” and “best of” view on the user page, so more flexibility on user page display (multiple row topic views, etc) would be good.

Finding myself suddenly in crazytown front page layout, totally disconnected from topnav, with weird bookmark glyphs everywhere is not desirable.

(Gerhard Schlager) #11

Yes, please, fix the mobile profile page.
It’s really hard to use right now.

(mountain) #12

These new filters ROCK. Thank you so much @sam! I use bookmarks as just that: things I want to keep tabs on, personal conversation curation for my benefit. Having to go through my profile to read them (and in a different, less informative layout that was listing them) made them less of a pleasure to use. This puts them front and center so I can swiftly go to them as needed. It replaces stars more efficiently this way, methinks.

EDIT: in:bookmarks search filter!

(Dave McClure) #13

This seems like it’s worth thinking about more. I wonder if you’re idea to make the hamburger menu slide out as a side navigation thingy could help that eventually?

Meh. We have New and Unread, don’t we? I think that the main page should be the way a user normally interacts with the site and finds the topics they want to read. Some additional customization and shortcuts for the user here is a good thing, but I do agree that it has to be done with care. More thought and design here is needed because you’re right about the current state of things where you find yourself “suddenly in crazytown front page layout, totally disconnected from topnav”

(Sam Saffron) #14

I think I did a horrible job explaining why I personally dislike using the user page for this function.

If I am looking through my bookmarks or likes my “next action” is going to be one of the following:

  1. Go to a topic at my last read position
  2. Go to a topic at the bookmarked/liked position
  3. Go to my unread/new topics or home page
  4. Reorder list so I can see it by latest or something

By keeping the UI trappend in the user page we have this:

We just have a ton less UI to work which makes me feel:

“Oh no, I am headed to the user page where there lots and lots of options I don’t care about. 50% of my visual field is full of superfluous info”

Which is why I don’t particularly care about being there when I am doing work. I think the struggle the user page has is that there are two design constraints at strong odds.

  • Show me information about another user
  • Show me information about my stuff

Both, conceptually are at very strong odds, when I am looking at another user I am not trying to get work done, just snooping around and the extra information is super useful. So we designed well for this use case.

When I am looking at my stuff all the decoration is superfluous which is not ideal.

I completely agree with the critic of “What am I looking at when filters are enabled? Where am I?” its a general issue we have with all our topic list filters, we should have a solution for this. However resolving it is at most just adding 1 more element on the page (when data is filtered), not 30 elements and taking up 50% of the visual field.

This widget could be made smarter to deal with filters etc:

On mobile this issue is even more egregious cause real estate is so limited.

(Jeff Atwood) #15

Probably the solution is to have a slightly different user page when viewing your own stuff vs. other people, then.

Also the user page layout is not very different from GMail, so I don’t understand what the big issue is:

All of your objections apply there as well.

I think it’s really bad form to change the homepage layout in such unpredictable, unusual, and user-specific ways.

(Dave McClure) #16

One critical difference is that you don’t go bouncing between wildly different contexts to get between ‘latest’ and ‘my stuff’ in Gmail. Your inbox is your latest page and also your user page.

(cpradio) #17

Plus in gmail, it is all searchable, so no matter what context you are in, you can filter your results down quickly and easily, which makes working/managing each context much easier.

Plus should we really be comparing a Discussion Forum “section” to GMail? Shouldn’t it be compared to Google Code Discussions? It still isn’t an exact comparison, but it is closer in comparison.

Yes, definitely

(Kane York) #18

Also, if you go to another view of your emails, typically the search bar is kept updated with your current view.

(Jeff Atwood) #19

Funny you guys should mention search, @sam and I just had a call and we believe most of this fits in full page search (e.g. in:bookmarks could just show all your bookmarks if you don’t qualify the query), so we’ll put it there… the search bar with options and stuff will be under the topnav (1 extraline).

I also think the idea that the user page behaves slightly differently for you on your user page is a strong one… certainly when I use my user page I have much different needs and expectations than when I am viewing yours.

(cpradio) #20

Have a mockup? I’m having a bit of troubling following where this will be located, but you have my interest! :smile:

I 100% agree with that.