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As a follow up to the following topic:

I would like to hear, if there’s any reason why the G > B shortcut are going to the /u/exetico/activity/bookmarks URI, instead of /bookmarks?

Are there a reason for that? Another user mentions that he used it a lot, to navigate to his bookmark - and can’t really see any good points, to have a shortcut to the “Profile Bookmark”-overview, instead of the normal “Bookmark”-list.


Not sure, perhaps a question for @martin


This, like the original decision to redirect /bookmarks to the profile bookmarks page, was originally done so that when you navigate to the bookmark list to have more functionality. I can change the shortcut GB to go to /bookmarks as well, and introduce a different shortcut to go to your own profile bookmark list. The issue really is the difference between “topics I bookmarked” and “manage my bookmarks”. I’ll post the PR here when I make the change.

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Sorry, no, I am not sure I support this.

If the page at Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse has limitations we should improve it to remove said limitation.

Users should not need to head to cause Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse should cover all the use cases and more.


I mean, the good points are:

  • You can search your bookmarks there
  • You can edit and delete your bookmarks there
  • You can see the name and date/time for the reminder for each bookmark there

Our users are asking to have a shortcut to /bookmarks, cause they really like to have a good overview of topics with new posts, which they have bookmarked.

They like the normal way to list topics on the frontpage, so they are asking for the same, for their bookmark-listing, in a scenario, where they just browsing around different topics. (Here’s no actions needed for searching, edit/delete and see the date/time for the reminder).

They would just like to jump to their personal (bookmarked) topic list, from time to time, but in the same layout, as the frontpage/default topic list style.

Another solution could be, to just implement a new shortcut for the good old /bookmarks. I fully understand that it’s very individual, and one user can’t agree with another, in a scenario like this? :slight_smile:

Perhaps start with a theme component here, we need quite a few more requests here prior to amending defaults

I think someone could probably build a theme component that does this in about 1-2 hours, perhaps sponsor it on #mar


Well, it would be nice to have a custom shourtcut-plugin, for sure…

But I can’t really see a good point, to not have a shortcut for /bookmarks.

Latest, Categories and Top are all on the frontpage on Level1Techs (as an example - our page is in Danish). As you can see, there’s a shortcut for all these options. (Here we have “Bookmarks” too, on our danish site)

Why is there a shortcut for these, where all the elements are located at the front-page, but there’s none for “Bookmarks” (/bookmarks)?

There’s a few options to choose between. Shouldn’t they be a part of the shortcuts?

Home, Latest, New, Unread, Categories, and Top are all data on the “frontpage”/default layout (Well… Not really, but they are on the frontpage). I can’t find a good argument for having “Profile > Bookmark” layout as the G>B-shortcut?

Maybe it’s just me?
There’s even a “Bookmarking” shortcut-section, where we could have the Profile > Bookmarks shortcut.

Why can’t we just have another shortcut for the Profile > Bookmarks, in that section? Or… Maybe even consider to create shortcuts for all useful pages on the Profile-page? Call the section “Profile”, and add shotcuts for Summary, Activity, Notifications, Admin-panel, and what not.

But… that’s just my take on it :slight_smile:

@sam @martin
There are a lot of limitations on the page /my/activity/bookmarks compared to /bookmarks. The activity page does not show a very well overview of the bookmarked topics, and you are not able to sort by the latest replies. Furthermore, it does not show which topics have been read and which are still unread. The regular bookmark page does on the other hand show a perfect overview of the topics in full screen and only with the topic headers. I can also sort by different parameters.

Good if you are going to improve the activity bookmark page, but until then please create a shortcut for us who are only using /bookmarks.

@sam I think this is a valid point - but maybe you still disagree?

The plan here remains to improve the bookmarks page so the latest filter is not needed.

In the mean time if you really need to re-route this I recommend going with a theme component. (you would need to build it though)


+1 on improving the /my/activity/bookmarks — if that’s the reason for keeping this approach.

FWIW, the biggest advantage (for our community) of the /bookmarks is/was the ability to sort it by latest activity.


Correct. Our users are still missing the option, to use it as the activity-filter (on the frontpage). :slight_smile:

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