Bookmarks are not removed even if the topic/post is moved to a PM/private category

Hello hello!

I found an interesting bug today. I bookmarked a topic that was presumably moved to a PM or a private Staff category. I would have expected, since the topic was moved to an area of which I do not have access to, for the bookmark to be removed. Instead, the bookmark stayed and notified me, and the topic name was changed as well to what it was changed to when I had no access. See the pictures below.
The original topic, named “Please fix the caravan” was in a public category but presumably moved to a PM. The title was changed to “RE: Please fix the caravan”

And when clicking on it…

an error message shows.

It does not show up under "u/user/activity/bookmarks either.

Therefore would it be possible if a user bookmarks a topic and the bookmarked topic gets moved to a private area, to remove the bookmark entirely? The bookmark is now unable to be removed. EDIT: Clicking “Dismiss” removes the bookmark.



Hopefully removing automatically will not happend. I remember I have stuff bookmarked and start looking for there. And if I don’f find it I will be very very confused.

Keeping unworking bookmarks is useless, though. So if such bookmark will be deleted I must be informed about it. But what if there is some administration reason for moving then that topic/post may come back, but I don’t have that bookmark anymore. And moving to PM and moving to private categories are two very different cases — what if I’m part of those cases why would there be need to erase my bookmark.

So this isn’t so streamlined question at all. And I don’t see this as a bug. More or less matter or how Discouse is working.


I think the notification issue was fixed in