Bookmark Icon Reamains In PM After Deleting The Bookmark

Continuing the discussion from here.

I did not encounter any issues with the bookmark in a public post. When deleting a bookmark in a PM though, the bookmark icon remains there.

Steps to repro:

  • Create a PM
  • Add a bookmark with a reminder
  • Exit the PM
  • Enter again and delete the bookmark
  • Exit the PM. You will then see that the bookmark icon is there, despite the fact that it has been removed. It does not appear in the bookmark section though.

Is this supposed to happen or not?


This is a known bug, reported in another topic, although on a different page. We will fix this next week.


Roger that, thanks for clarifying!

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This has been fixed by FIX: Topic user bookmarked column logic was not correct by martin-brennan · Pull Request #9563 · discourse/discourse · GitHub, you just need to update.