Bookmarks Server Error

Bookmarks are not visible on a user’s activity page.

Here’s a screenshot of my activity feed, shortly after bookmarking a topic.

I’ve confirmed this behavior is consistent on multiple hosted sites.

I see a failing request in the network inspector

  • 500 GET /u/web/bookmarks.json?q=

And when I hit that endpoint directly in my browser:

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mine works.

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Thanks @IAmGav.

I just checked a few more of our sites, about half of them are working and half of them aren’t.

So, it’s likely not a bug but a hosting issue.

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I have to agree :slight_smile:


This was a bug, fixed in FIX: Ignore removed delete_when_reminder_sent bookmarks column · discourse/discourse@8dc3543 · GitHub, but it only happened sometimes with bad luck. I am deploying a fix to our hosted sites as we speak :rocket: