Bounce score not updated


I’ve followed your guide on migrating to mailgun but I’m having some issues with the bounce score - it’s not getting updated when email sending fails.
I can see the bounces in mailgun, but when checking the email in my discourse instance, the bounce score is 0.

Are there any extra settings I might have missed for propagating the responses back to the forum?



That’s because mailgun is overwriting our VERP and is the only one to receive the bounce notification. The only solution is to add support for their bounces webhook.


@zogstrip I see.
Quickly checking the docs I’ve seen this

You can specify a webhook URL in the ‘Webhooks’ tab of your Control Panel. If you do, every time a message experiences a hard bounce, your URL will be invoked with the following parameters

Would you have an example of an url I should provide as an webhook?

Much appreciated!

*edit: Just realised that “The only solution is to add support for their bounces webhook” means that there is no url yet :smiley:. Should I raise a feature request?

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I’m doing some research to figure out how easy (or hard) it would be to do it for the most popular mail services out there :wink:


@zogstrip any news? :slight_smile:

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Forgot to update this topic, but already added support for mailgun

Others are coming :wink:


Sendgrid is now in :wink:


Mailjet is now in :mailbox_closed:


I’ve set up bounce handling through VERP on Amazon SES. Bounces are detected properly, but users’ bounce scores don’t get updated past ‘2’. Here’s an example of a user who has had numerous bounces:

I’m using the system default bounce settings:

I’d expect him to have a bounce score of at least 10 (he has far more bounces), yet in his profile he is set to ‘2’:

Do I misunderstand how this works, or did I misconfigure something? My expectation was that Discourse would stop emailing him after a few bounces.

On a related question, I’m not entirely clear what the date in the bounce score field means: I suppose it’s his ‘reset date’?


Maybe @zogstrip could comment.

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Related: I’m also still trying to understand when a user will be deactivated:

We only update the bounce score once per day to prevent people with a full mailbox to be automatically deactivated when they subscribe to forum with a lot of activity.

I might tone that down to once per hour instead unless someone else can think of a reason not to?

Ah, interesting! However, I checked the current count of user sundialsvc4 (the one in my screenshot), and his bounce score is now 4 - still lower than what I expected.

Does ‘update once per day’ also mean ‘we count a max of 1 bounce per day’? In that case the score of ‘4’ would make sense. Still, it leaves me a little worried about my IP ranking - some users already have 30 bounces on their name.

So perhaps running this hourly IS a better option if that’s the case.

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That’s exactly what it means :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile: I guess you guys process a ton of mail too - has this daily process ever led to issues for you?

After looking at our logs, I don’t think it makes that much sense to only update the bounce score once a day.

So I removed that throttling :email: