Mailgun "temporarily disabled due to high bounce rate"

I moved my mail system Sparkpost to Mailgun. I love it but today a mail came to me. has been temporarily disabled due to high bounce rate”

Your account is on probation and domains are limited to 100 messages / hour. To maintain the rate the account has been temporarily disabled.

The account will be enabled in 6983 seconds.

Thank you,
Mailgun Team

I use Mailgun for just Discourse. How can i fix that?

I’d start by looking through your MailGun error/bounce logs and determining what message/s are getting sent to invalid recipients, and why (perhaps being rejected due to spam filtering? Maybe?).


I look at the logs. Digest mails is problem for 300mail / 1 hour limit. And so many fake user and user mail in there.

How do you have users with fake emails? How did they sign up for Discourse, which requires email confirmation to create an account?


I have 10k users. But i have imported from Mybb. So i think there are so many fake emails.

I need bulk remove users i think. And ideas for that? I create topic about that:

Simply deactivate those with invalid email addresses. Easy.


Will I do it one by one? There are many users like that. Total users count: 10k+ Fake mail users count: 2-3k i think.

(These users imported from old forum system so all activated)

And set up Discourse to handle the bounces from Mailgun so it’ll stop sending them in the first place.


I Thank you. I do that after deactive users with SQL query.

I need SQL query now.

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I deactivated all users who has fake mails but Mailgun support wants some information about my mail content. I gave detailed information but their supports very slow. After 24 hours still no answer and Discourse mail system doesn’t work right now. It might be good to return to SparkPost again