Bounce Score Setting Description

Just read the code on bounce score as I was not sure what happens with it.

The description in Settings says:

The maximum user bounce score before the they are deactivated. A soft bounce adds 1, a hard bounce adds 2.

Based on what I read in the code the following would be clearer.

The maximum user bounce score before we will stop emailing them. A soft bounce adds 1, a hard bounce adds 2. The bounce score get’s reset to zero 30 days after the last bounced email.

At the very least the typo “the they” should be corrected :smiley:


I’ll fix the typo but I’m not sure I want all that text in the description of the setting. Might be better to link to a topic explaining it.

OK but just change it that we won’t deactivte “them” as I was worried my users was going to be blocked. That’s what it sounded like from the text. deactivate emailing them or stop emailing them or something like that.

Max score before we will stop emailing a user. Soft bounce adds 1, hard bounce adds 2, score reset 30 days after last bounce.

That seems fine to me…


I agree, much better :thumbsup:


Don’t find many threads on soft bounce so I’ll explain my problem, maybe this works as expected.

A bunch of users changed company, email addresses changed obviously. They still get together at rather lenghty intervals.

But a lot of these users now soft-bounce. Which I have to investigate, just in case.

I don’t want to go in and change these users to a new email, neither email them about it, that’s pestering them. Theorethically I could do this if I’ve seen them login recently but that’s still manual work for me.

I don’t want to change their email preferences to off, they might get back in and usually then for a reason, i.e. want notifications again.

Setting soft-bounce reset to 720 days kinda works BUT does it reset automatically when a user logs in? That would make sense.

What I would like to see happening is, I just set the soft to a very high value. Once a user logs in, it’s reset for that user AND there is a notification for that user that your email might be invalid. If they ignore that, heck, not my problem anymore, then I’ll set their email notifications to off.

This is kinda related to me having all these lurking groups activating whenever there is a stock split or whatever (even have one handling family members dying occasionally and that is lurking extreme).

I wrote more reasons ages ago in this thread