Bounce score reset date on admin page is ambiguous

Very minor, looking at the admin page for a user, I see June displayed as July:

Wrong month in bounce score

Looking at /admin/email/bounced for this user shows the last bounce was 4 days ago, tooltip showing Jun 8, 2022 11:44 am.

(Aside, I was expecting to use to find/report issues. Its README also does not mention Meta?)

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I think that’s the date when the bounce score is to be reset:

not the date of the last bounced email


Ah, that may explain things. (Though I don’t know what an admin would do with that information.) And indeed it also shows a Reset button for this very example:

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I think there may be a case to give that information a little more context on the page. I’ve slid this topic over to #ux for consideration. :+1: