Bounty / Crowdfund features

(Greg Swallow) #1

I just came across, that uses the (currently disabled) github issues tracker to list issues and allows people to pay $X as a bounty for an issue to be solved. Then an interested developer can either accept the bounty or set a target amount for interested funders to reach. Here’s the automatically created page for Discourse - Bountysource (It seems that the issues that were still open when the issue tracker was disabled are still there and maybe should be deleted?).

I’m wondering what @codinghorror, @sam, @eviltrout etc think of using this website for issues that are “blessed” by the development team, like the ones in the “Features / Spec” category? (I’m not sure if there’s a way to allow just discourse github collaborators to post issues on the github issue tracker? That might be a good place for the “Features / Spec” issues only if that is possible.

Other bounties can be added manually without having them be in the github issue tracker it looks like too. So it would be possible for anyone to add a bounty even if it wasn’t “blessed” by the dev team.

I think it’s good because all the bounties will be open sourced, and I think there are some smart developers here (not me, lol) that are looking for ways to make some money from their interest in Discourse.

PS - I know I’d chip in to see a few features added, eg: having your Facebook profile picture automatically become your Avatar in Discourse if you login/signup with Facebook - anyone?? :smile:

Possible to donate money to Discourse?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

In general I am not a fan for the reasons explained here

If people want to approach and sponsor features (these would be fairly large sponsorships, think $5k minimum), I think there should be a dialog about it here first.

(Mittineague) #3

To me open-source means “free as in beer” or however that saying goes.

In other words, contributors do so out of “love” (and maybe a tad recognition) not for financial gain.

Not to say that at some point people won’t begin offering premium themes and plugins, but I agree, money somehow tends to “taint”.


I have seen bounties in the crypto - currency space called quite often…the mercenary coder met the basic criteria claimed his prize and bolted. Later the devs, ready to expand or build out something had to go back and rewrite the code as it was un-maintainable crap.

This post is by a guy named Warren he is the full time dev for Litecoin.

And here:

Bounties while nice provide mixed results because not all are terrible but in the case above poor results seem to be a normal occurence.

I think that if it matters, hire a vetted dedicated developer.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

When you give bounties, you get bounty hunters.

You can do it, we do it on Stack Exchange, it just takes a very specific set of circumstances with tight and well thought out rules – and crucially no money was exchanged.


That was possibly the most interesting video I have seen on profit and motivation corrolations.

Hanging around this site, your blog and playing with Discourse has been educationally beneficial.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #7

I think it would be handy to get a “discourse approved, just not done yet” status, where bounty based features might be more acceptable.

For instance, it’d be worth a bit of money to have easier support for Anchors in discourse, but I don’t know the status of that feature.

(Bcguy) #8

I actually love an idea like this to acclerate feature development on Discourse.

Perhaps this is something the users can drive by identifying features like “advertising plugin” with a specification - and put it onto some sort of reverse crowdfunding site.

I don’t know if this exists - but what would be ideal is if one of us ( i.e. a forum manager) could put up a request/feature spec and say that they’d pay X$ for it. Then a developer could respond by saying he or she would do it for a total of $Y - and then when you get a critical number of user’s willing to pay each $X so that the total is $Y - the developer builds it.

For example - I’d pay $300 for this advertising spec: (and if you get a developer to bid on this project for say $10,000 - you’d need something like 30 people to get it moving.

So - what i’m imagining is a user-driven Kickstarter like site where we could request developers to “BID” on a new feature request and we say how much we’re willing to pay - then we recruit other forum managers here to help fund it. I would love this type of thing.

Advertising Plugin for Discourse - Join in Now!
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