Bringing a suspended user back on probation

A user on our forum was temporarily suspended for sending inappropriate private messages. He’s sent in an appeal in which he claims to understand what he did wrong and promises not to do it again.

Would it be possible to re-enable his account but put him in temporary probation? i.e. force him back into Trust Level 0 for a few months, or just temporarily revoke his right to send private messages?

Yes, you should be able to do that:

Yes as @mcwumbly noted this is possible… but

  1. how will you know if he is reformed if he has no opportunity to make the same mistake again

  2. it sends a weird message to bring someone back partially, like you don’t really trust them… better to send the message that you do trust them and see what happens.

Just MHO on the last two points. Your site, your rules.


And I think you also mentioned admins can see all ‘private’ messages anyway. Just a few clicks and the admin can keep a watchful eye. Also to make sure all members know to flag any personal messages too so the infraction is caught, if it ever happens again.