Can you earn regular status back after suspension?

I was suspended on a discourse hosted forum, and I was wondering if I would ever be able to earn the status back ever again? Obviously not now as I’m not trusted on the forum, but ever in the foreseeable future? Or is my account doomed to stay member forever?<I have a feeling I’ll quit discourse soon>

Any suspensions during the examination peroid (100 days) will disqualify you from TL3.


Word of advice: don’t take advantage of hidden text to allow yourself to post short replies on Meta. Great way to get your posts flagged…


so I have to wait 100 days to earn TL3 back after a suspension?

Correct. You will not be able to earn TL3 until 100 days after your suspension is over.


And if they locked my trust level to 2? Then I’m screwed and have to make a new account right?

If you are locked at TL2 than you are not going to reach TL3. You should not create a new account, as that would likely violate the site’s rules and could result in you being banned. If moderators locked your trust level, one would assume they had a reason to do so. Meta is not the place to discuss why another site suspended and/or locked your trust level - you need to bring it up with the moderators on the site you have a disagreement with.


Hi, what’s the implication of “(all time)” shown next to “Suspended” and “Silenced” next to users’ “Requirements for Trust Level 3”? Do these still clear up in 100 days? Thank you.

I believe @eviltrout checked in a change that prevents TL3 if a user has ever been suspended or silenced, even once.


Yes I did. I should note that if the suspension or silence is removed by staff it does not count towards this. (If staff silences someone by mistake they can just remove it.)


Is there a way to remove it from the record once it has run it’s course? I don’t seem to see one.

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Alternately, it would be nice if there were a setting for this. It’s inflexible right now, especially since the slate never wipes clean, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to do it manually (outside of locking the level). Thanks for all of your help.


If I understood the change correctly, “if the suspension is removed it does not count” – does this mean, before the time limit expires?

So the change to silencing just makes it “are you currently silenced” instead of “did the silence begin within the last 100 days”.

The change to suspensions, though, is a bit fuzzier.

A suspension or silence is considered legit if the entire time period passes.

You will not be able to reach TL3 if:

  • You have an active silence or suspension

  • You had a silence/suspension and “did the time.” If staff removed the penalty before the time finished, it will not count.


This may be beyond the scope of this topic, but I would have really preferred if it would be possible to disable this (beyond manual promotion). For example as a site setting or as a checkbox during the suspension/ silencing “This should prevent TL3 advancement”.


Do you have many TL3 users who have been suspended in the past? It’s very odd.

Agreed. When building this, I couldn’t think of a situation where a person was suspended or silenced, and yet I wanted them to reach TL3.

TL3 is supposed to be special, for high performing users.

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I can imagine cases where you would at lease like the option to revert it, due to previous moderators, policy changes, etc.

We’ve certainly had one or two heavy handed moderators who upon reflection weren’t always the most even-handed.


Does that include people who where auto-silenced because they typed too fast? I suppose those don’t count if they were subsequently unsilenced?


I would prefer to wait for a few examples of concrete cases.

Remember a staff member can always upgrade a user to TL3 manually if they deserve it so there is a workaround.