Broken image since https

Hey guys,

So I recently added an SSL certificate folowing the SSL guide
After rebuilding my app all images appeared to be broken, I’ve been looking for similar cases but nothing concluant so far …
Here is my discourse :

Did I missed something somewhere ? …

Thanks !


So, it seems the problem is now solved, without modification from my side… My service provider (OVH) add trouble with their DNS serveur this night, dunno if it’s link to my problem but for now it’s seems to be good

I think you need to turn on the ‘use https’ site setting, as your rel=canonical links do not have HTTPS.

I tought I did, but to fix my missing image I used a backup, wich remove the parameter ><

But for now it still isn’t happy as long as I load ressources from non https pages :

The script block is the load of my google font :,900,100italic,400italic,400,500italic,300,700italic,100,700,500,900italic
For the rest, I used images with absolute link, since I don’t know the real one … Will fix this.

You’re probably safe just going through your settings and customizations and replacing http with https.


Yep, all good now, thanks :smiley: