Broken mobile styling of Header Categories Navbar

It appears that something (perhaps a change in the core?) has broken this component’s UX in mobile.

Specifically, when in the mobile breakpoint and a users clicks the chat icon to open the chat modal, the router sends the browser to /chat and thread categories are rendered as overlapped with the chat navigation.

Here’s two screenshots from two different users on different mobile browsers (Chrome and Safari), and I can also reproduce on Firefox for mobile.

And the other:

For what it’s worth, I cannot reproduce this in a desktop browser that is in responsive design mode or mobile emulation mode. I think that has to do with the fact that the desktop doesn’t route to /chat when the chat icon is clicked on, but not 100% sure on that.


It happends on mobiles and on my forum only with chat.

That screenshot is from OnePlus 7 Pro and the browser is duckduckgo. But same happends on iPhone/DiscourseHub.

That is more or less on the level old friend came to visit for holidays :smirk: because this has bothered earlier too.

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Could this be caused by the back to forum link? I don’t recall that being in earlier versions of the mobile breakpoint for Discourse but I could be wrong on that.

Could be. Something similar has happened earlier when above cat nav came new elements.

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Raising this with the team, thanks for the report @BeefofAges!


@BeefofAges I just merged a fix for this theme, if you update it, itshould now work correctly thanks.

We decided it was not necessary to have this navbar when under a chat page.


Update deployed and looks good. Thanks for the quick turnaround!

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