Broken site after latest update

Hi everyone,

I had discourse running for about one year before 1.9 came along and needed me to SSH into the server to update it.

I eventually did it but found out that I had to update docker which I did.

Then I updated and my site was working fine; I could see the new functionality (approve menu) etc.

One day later. It’s now broken and

Any clues as to how to diagnose this issue? Any links so that I learn etc would be most appreciated.

btw I can log-in to the system via Digital ocean without troubles.

[ I am not a computer tech so you will need to point towards beginner links thanks! ]

My guess is that Your disk is full. Try

. /launcher cleanup

And you might also delete backups.


Thanks kindly. I’ve done that and site is back up!!

Thanks again. Topic can be closed.