Broken theme alert - bug?

Hello all

I had this appear above my banner this AM

Checking the console I found a broken theme alert which when I checked my dashboard was just the discourse gifs component needed to be updated

So its now updated & corrected but I’m curious as to why this occurred if anyone knows?

Just related to my theme, can I expect to see it again, or, just what and why

Thank you if you know and can answer

And to note, it showed in Vivaldi but not when checked in Opera, so, more confusion

This was most likely caused by Upcoming core changes that may break some themes/components (April 12). Updating the component was the right course of action, so things should be ok now.

I’m not sure why the banner looks like that for you… it could be related to your theme, or it could be the browser. I don’t think we have official support for Vivaldi or Opera browsers.