I did search, zero results

This is a single occurrence related to a single post, I sent a blog post from 2019 to my discourse site, partly as I just got that ability to function yesterday and that blog post just got a new comment yesterday, so I manually sent it to discourse today.

It posted :
…but I got a broken theme alert on that page:

:warning: Posts may not display correctly because one of the post content decorators on your site raised an error.

Depreciation errors on a different page without the broken theme alert lead me to searching about, I find this may be related

But its beyond my grade level to understand if it is the problem/solution to the theme alert or even how to implement a fix, I suspect its simple :man_shrugging: , and I’d like to not have any issues.

Can anyone help me to understand and work out?

Thank you


This means you have a theme component that requires an update.
Do you have one which alters the post content?


Technically, the theme component uses the decorateCooked or decorateCookedElement API function without passing a unique ID argument. This can be fixed.


There’s no update alerts in the dash panel, the theme was a custom build going back a number of years, I see a class that mentions light scheme, not sure if that means it was perhaps built off the light theme and never kept up, there’s also a js error that contains theme 41 in the url

relates to lazyYT, not sure what that is, any idea if it might alter the content?

actually, I just recalled there’s a wordpress lazy load plug-in, and this just occurred on a post that was served from wordpress

@angus I was following your install instructions (thank you greatly) , can you weigh in on this please?

Do you have Media Overlay component installed on your site? I’m afraid that is broken since we deprecated LazyYT. cc @jancernik


I did have that yes, it was updated 17 hours ago, I removed it to check, seems I have more errors now, same broken theme message too