Browser back button has surprising behavior on topic lists / unread

We run a private instance but seeing the issue here too. It seems to take two visits to mark a topic as read.

Reproduction Steps:

  • Visit
  • Select a topic that is unread from the Latest views
  • Navigate back

Observe: The topic is still marked as unread, revisit and return to Latest will mark is as read.

AFAIK if you use the browser back button this is expected.

Navigating using the site logo or menu bar should work though.

I just visited this topic and then returned to latest, the topic was marked as read:


They both have the same issue

I had this issue earlier today on as well, at least on mobile. After visiting the new topic and navigating away, the title became grey as if it were read, but it still had the blue dot indicating it was unread.

@Stephen I don’t think I’ve ever seen this issue before, even when using the browser back button.


Reproducing appears to be intermittent on both meta and our gated community.

This one has been around a while, I am pretty sure @sam and @eviltrout are aware of it. Much more pronounced if you use the browser back button in my experience.