Browser flies to random spot on deleted links

I found bug: if you click on a link to a deleted article, the browser just flies to some random spot. Test with:

There should probably be a message, just like on Facebook, “this content is not available” or something.

Wait! I see that it indeed actually does shows those words. But it’s not at the top of the user’s screen on some browsers. The user is left looking a little below those words.

Maybe you should tell which browsers “some browsers” are.
For me it works as expected

Chrome Appversion 110.0.5481.153

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Chrome Dev 113 (113.0.5637.4) for Android. Thanks.

This seems likely to be another effect of squeezing the site into a very small window (due to scaling settings on your phone).

You can see another obvious such effect on the browser URL area — “” doesn’t even fit.

I’m not saying it shouldn’t work better in this situation, just that you are exposing a corner case and it is not surprising that there are rough edges.


Just curious, how does the URL bar look when you use Chrome instead of the WPA?
And by the way, where does the link land too there?
Also one might need to close the browser first to reproduce consistently.

That’s exactly it

I’m afraid our UI just won’t work with a super tiny screen with a max size font size, no need to open dozens of topics about it.