/?status=deleted filter crashes browsers

Hi there, really weird bug where the /?status=deleted filter is rendering an incomplete and frozen page that doesn’t allow for interaction with the UI elements, causing the browser CPU usage to skyrocket, and eventually crashing the process for the browser tab. This is happening with Firefox 102.13 ESR and Chromium 115.0.5790.98, both on Debian 12. Here’s what the page looks like:

This bug does not happen with /?status=unlisted .

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FWIW It works fine here on meta.

Are there any errors in your /logs?

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Hmm, nope, nothing corresponding with the time that I try to access /?status=deleted .

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I wonder if it’s a particular deleted topic that’s the issue. Did you have any notable deletions recently that would stand out?

You could possibly use a data explorer query to review them?

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Nothing that I can remember. Is the Replies count of -1 possibly an issue?

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No, it shouldn’t be. I’ve seen a few of those, and had no issue like this before.

I should mention safe mode and errors in the console too, just to be thorough.

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Thanks, I forgot about safe mode. How do I combine that with ?status=deleted ?

I think you can pop this on the end of your URL - /?status=deleted&safe_mode=no_themes,no_plugins

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Thanks! So that does avoid the bug. I’ll have to go through all my customizations to figure out which one is causing the problem.

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Just in case it’s helpful to narrow it down, the appended bits for the 3 flavours of safe mode are:





Ah yes, good call. Thanks again!


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