Browser refuses to show site logo after restore from backup

I moved a Forum from punBB to discourse, set it up with branding and everything. The VM with the discourse docker Container is located behind a nginx reverse proxy. After two days discourse was not accessible anymore and I rebuilt the app and restored the data from a backup I made after initial setup.

The rebuilding and restoring part, I did at least three times, because after the restore, all the site logos are not loaded by any browser anymore. To make sure there is no problem with old images, I ran Upload.where("id > 0").destroy_all to get a clean image directory.

But still, no browser loads any (not even the default) logo images. In the dev tools of the browsers I can see, that the logos are being called, but the browsers fail somehow. When following the links of the images however, the browser shows the image.

You can see the behavior here: Epple Forum - Forum des Jugendzentrum Epplehaus e.V.

I use the latest version 2.6.0.beta1 of discourse and the backup has been made on the exact same version.

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Your images are being loaded over HTTP while the rest of the site uses HTTPS. By default browsers won’t load insecure objects into an HTTPS page.

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 10.56.42 AM

If your reverse proxy is handling SSL encapsulation you still need force_https enabled within Discourse so that attachments and upload URLs are served as HTTPS and not HTTP.


This actually solved my problem. Thank you!