I am not able to generate my Logo

I did updated my logo in my discourse forum but I am not able to update the logo it’s same as encrypted Image which I can’t use. Please help!!!

Can you provide some more detail? You’re trying to update the logo in the site settings? is this a specific file type that isn’t working for you? why is the image encrypted?


Hi so community is private currently. I can’t share my image but I have attached picture here. It’s not loading even when it’s on reset state

This sounds like a possible mixed content issue with HTTPS. Can you try enabling force https to see if it helps?


it’s not https, currently we are running it on port 80 so it’s http instead of https

Perhaps that’s causing issues with Discourse?

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I’ve slipped this over to installation as it seems it may be specific to your setup @Kamlesh_Joshi. Though if we can get some steps so we can reproduce we can always move it back to bug again. :+1:


can we have meeting or a call to discuss this as I have setup this on remote VM
and also the image src I can share it’s looking like this below:


Did you install a development install and is now trying to use it in production mode?

If you If you want a working instance for production, please follow our official install guide.


I didn’t enabled https so I think that was the issue but I’m not sure
Thanks for helping!