BUG Activation Email didn't work/password reset did

While singing up for an account here on meta

I used GitHub to login,
Gave a different email address to the one gotten from GH.
Waited 5mins for the activation email (smashing refresh in gmail)
Clicked the button to send another activation email, smashed refresh again for a minute.
Sent an email from my other account on a different domain to the one used here on meta.
Instantly arrived.
Smashed refresh again for another 30seconds.

Came back to here to meta and clicked reset password.
Didn’t have time to click refresh in gmail.
set a password and now i can post, hence this post :slight_smile:

What do you mean by this?

looks like this server was just slow - mx-out-04b.sjc1.discourse.org

got the emails 11mins after they were sent (looked at headers).
localhost sent the email immediately, then 04b took 11mins to contact google.

whereas server mx-out-04c took a 1 second to contact google.

GH = name@domain
I changed it to other_name@domain

Looks like something for @supermathie to look at on Monday. Can you PM me the full headers of the delayed email?

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Have sent you a link now :slight_smile:


Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Sometimes our outgoing email will error on the first delivery attempt to the downstream server, then succeed on the second. (You don’t see the failed attempts in the message headers, only the success).

We’ll take measures to reduce the occurrence of this and/or make it retry more aggressively.