Bug in choosing profile picture

I want to change my profile picture. But when I click on the edit button here:

The popup window can’t let me choose Gravatar pic first:

I have to choose System assigned pic first:

Then I can choose Gravatar pic now:


Is this a docker install?

Meta can reappear this problem if you use Chrome. Safari is normal.

There was a short time were letter avatars weren’t generating the letter due to a font missing. You might have generated one at that time and it’s since cached on your browser. To fix it, you only need to hard refresh.

I have update these pictures like this:

But there are caches. How could you solve this cache problem?

Is it showing the right pictures now?

Yes it’s right now. Did you refresh it manually?

It’s not a bug with the image, it’s a bug with the radio buttons in the dialog.


I just repro’d this on my hosted environment using Chrome 43 on the mac.

I refreshed the gravatar icon for the Discourse Support user, but couldn’t check the middle radio button. It only highlighted, like so:

Clicking Save did switch the user’s icon, which showed after a Command R refresh

I don’t know if this would be related; I was previously ascribing it to touch interface weirdness. When I change my profile pic from my iPad, the popup appears and then when I try to click the radio button, the popup goes… somewhere. It’s still open, but it’s no longer visible on my screen. I have to tilt my device to change screen orientation and then it comes back.

Edit: It also happens if I click the little refresh button first instead of the radio button.

99.9% unrelated, touch and Mobile Safari specific.

I was pretty sure it was that, but I didn’t want to withhold information that had a chance of being relevant, just in case.

I’ll confirm this.

happens on my home forum and it has happened to me here on meta.d as well. the radio buttons are bugged in such a way that i must select an option other than the current one then select the current one in order to update my avatar.

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I’ll try my best at fixing this. I know I had to hack around Ember on this one since radio buttons were not supported when I added that feature. But I believe this has changed in the recent versions.


Actually, the hack was still needed. But I made a better one :poodle:

Anyway, this should fix this issue



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