Updated image on gravatar, not seeing it update on site

I updated the image for the email address I use on our private forum on gravatar about a week ago.

It looks correct when I check here:

But It’s not updated on our private site yet.

I tried switching my profile to use the letter avatar and back again, but that didn’t do the trick.

Do I need to restart the server or something?

Did you try hitting this button?

Yeah, I tried that. The image in that dialog did not change. I just tried clicking “Save Changes” anyway… haven’t seen it update yet.

Can we verify that gravatar refresh button here is still working in latest code @techapj? More than one report of this that I’ve seen…


I also notice that profile image has not changed after updating my Gravatar.

The gravatar update code was broken and was fixed 4 days ago.

@mcwumbly can you repro this issue on latest Discourse version?.


Ah that looks like it’s probably it. I’ll last you know for sure after I do the next update. I was waiting for things to settle down a bit with some of the work currently going on (featured links, groups, ember), but I will update things soon.

UPDATE confirmed this is fixed in the latest version.


I’m seeing this behavior again both on my installation of Discourse and on this installation. I updated my Gravatar quite a while ago and have clicked the refresh button with no luck. I am running 1.8.0.beta8

EDIT Scratch that, it seems to be updating fine on this installation. I’ll have to poke at my own install.

Should I use this button at all? Can’t Discourse update it eventually (or just use gravatar directly)?

Discourse will create a local copy of the image, so you should use this button if you want the Avatar to update.


Let me say it from another viewpoint:

If a user sets to use gravatar, why on Earth would they not update their gravatar?

Why sould the user take action, and not that is the default to update silently?

Just installed v2.5.0.beta2 and experience the same issue: after user creation it shows gravatar image, but can’t update it after image change on gravatar side. I see nothing in the /var/discourse/shared/standalone/log/rails/production.log pressing image reload in the user interface.

Is there any update?

Can we repro this @tshenry?

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I can repro! The gravatar fails to update after I change it on https://en.gravatar.com/emails and select the refresh button on the Discourse user profile.

I also tried running rake avatars:refresh to see if that would do anything, but no luck.

We should investigate this, can you assign Friday @eviltrout?

But wait: let’s give this the weekend to see if it is a cache propagation issue. Can you set a topic timer @tshenry to refresh on Monday?

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Jeff, if you mean HTTP cache so the answer is NO. More than a week has already passed for my attempts with no success.


This is meant to correct the avatar right away looking at the code:

@kris.kotlarek can you repro this issue and fix?

Gravatar could very possibly be at fault here, caching something on their end for too long.


@kris fixed this by adding a random parameter to the URL.