Bug in docs plugin: Pinned topics are not at the top

Whenever a topic is pinned in a category, it’s not pinned to the top in #docs

You can see the behaviour in action here: Guides - Forum | Cannabisanbauen.net
Is that expected behaviour or a bug?

Discourse version: 2.8.1
Docs plugin version: 0.1

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I just tried testing this with Discourse version 2.9.0.beta2 and was unable to reproduce the issue. A pinned topic in a category included in Docs appears to be pinned successfully on the #docs page, as expected.

This issue might just be related to Discourse version: 2.8.1, and you could try updating Discourse to resolve this.

Docs plugin version: 0.1


I can reproduce this with 2.9.0.beta3. The docs index appears to default to recent activity, and doesn’t sort by pinned status; it does, however, show the correct pinned status by icon.

I pinned the first doc I created, hence it is the “oldest”:

I updated the pinned doc, making it the more recent activity:

And added a new doc, which then becomes the most recent:

I changed the pinned status on the topic (meaning the discussion, the “docs view” does not show the pinned status).

Screenshot from 2022-04-05 13-56-16

And it updated on the docs index:

Screenshot 2022-04-05 at 14-09-18 Docs - Sandbox Discourse Kit


  • I tried a category and global pin: same results
  • Any activity bumps the doc in the index: the more recently discussed topics will be at the top

Sadly this is quite a major change to both core and the plugin.

Tough we use TopicQuery to get the lists of topics, we handle all ordering outside of TopicQuery in:

To complete this we would probably need to move it so “core” handles ordering here instead of the plugin doing its own thing. It is a very complex change.

On the upside we can potentially remove a bunch of code from the plugin.

Sorry but I got to put this bug on the backburner for now.