How do I set the order of pinned topics

I can pin a topic but if there is more than one pinned, the order gets rearranged. I’d like to always keep the Welcome topic above other important announcements that I want to keep near the top for awhile.


Perhaps that topic could be a banner topic? Banner topics are the ultimate “on top” and look like this:

Try browsing around there a bit to see what I mean.

You can banner a topic via the admin wrench menu on a topic in the upper right.

That works great for the site, but I need a different banner for each category.

The only way to do it at this time is to un-pin and re-pin to force it back to the top of the pinned topics.

We don’t recommend having too many pinned topics if you can avoid it, as they can become overwhelming for users.


I’m only using two or three on private categories. If the Welcome topic drops below then it is a little odd.I can do the unpin/pin trick for now.


I, too, agree that this is a good feature.

When there are 2 or more pinned topics in particular categories, I find it would be very useful if I could order them.
Unpin-and-pin-again workaround is OK, but still, is it in the TODO list?

P.S. I too have 2 to 3 - not many actually, but I wish I were able to set their order, perhaps by dragging or inputting an ordering natural number.


The hack to re-order pinned topics seems to no longer work:

  • I have 3 pinned topics, which I’d like displayed in a particular order
  • The newest topic I added & pinned is at position-1 instead of desired position-3
  • So I implement the hack, to unpin & re-pin the other 2 topics so that they are displayed above this new topic
  • … but nothing changes, un-pin/re-pin does not re-shuffle the order
    Any ideas on this?
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… however, by editing the text in the topic I can re-shuffle the order

So the hack to re-order pinned topics is to actually edit the topic text so that desired topics appear at the top of the list


Editing doesn’t seem to reorder them if the pinned topics are closed, at least for me (using beta).

I haven’t tested it with closed topics (till now all my topics have been open) & I’ve been able to do this numerous times, so I can confirm that it is working for me

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Great, it might make better sense that they don’t reorder once they’re closed anyhow. So once the desired order is set, can close them and freely edit them without worrying about the order.

Aaahaa :bulb:
Good piece of info to save the hassle of always having to do the re-ordering jig if I edit something :slight_smile:

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