Pinned topics in /categories view?

Currently, pinned topics are ignored in the /categories page.
Topics are not ordered with pinned topics on top - but if they happen to appear in the list then the pin icon is present.
I am using /categories as the home page.
As a result, the pinning feature is not so effective for my forum.

Is there a reason pinning wasn’t implemented for the /categories page?

You aren’t seeing something like this here?

If you “unPin when read”, try as a non-logged in user.

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So the pin icon is visible (corrected my original post).
But the topics are not ordered with pinned ones on top.

My forum uses SSO so there is no non-logged-in state to check.

Sounds like you unpinned them for your user. By default Discourse will unpin topics, for that user, when the user reads to the bottom of the pinned topic. You can modify your site settings if you wish to turn that off.

Ok I have turned off that setting (x2), and reloaded the home page.
So far it looks the same.
I’ll give it a few minutes to see if it changes and try to impersonate another account.

No, it will only affect new users not your old account. I believe you can re-pin the topic for yourself via the controls at the bottom of the topic.

And if you want to force that topic to be manually pinned for all users again, just unpin and re-pin it.


Answer accepted.

Oh there’s a plugin for that :grin:

I have same problem. Re-pin didn’t working.