Bug in download counter

(Wiliam Joaquim) #1

I want to contribute with the error that I found, it may not be a mistake!

When a member creates a topic that contains a file, it displays a counter of how many times this file has been downloaded.

But when I edit the topic, this counter disappears, it is restarted!

A user of my forum had a file that counted 223 downloads, and I was edit to correct an error, and the counter zeroed. Is this foreseen?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

If you change the URL you reset the counter. You may need to refresh your page if you did not change the URL.

(Wiliam Joaquim) #3

I did not change the URL, I just gave a space between an image and the file to download.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Then if you refresh the browser you should see the count is still there. It is all based on the URL.

If you believe this is not the case, show us here in your reply.