Attachment "number of downloads" counter resets whenever a reply is edited

(Agustín Santiago Gutiérrez) #1

This happens after updating to v1.9.0.beta13 +63

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a post with attachments.
  2. Let some users download them, so that the counters go up.
  3. Edit the post, for example adding a single text line at the end.

After this, counters are back to zero.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Does this persist after you refresh the page by pressing f5 in your browser or the refresh button?

(Agustín Santiago Gutiérrez) #3

Yes, it does.

Also using different browsers (chrome and firefox) show the same numbers, which go back to zero for attachments if the reply is edited.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Ok @zogstrip can you take a look next week and see what you think?

(Agustín Santiago Gutiérrez) #10

I have just updated to

v2.1.0.beta1 +1

The “link click counter” bug for file attachments still remains exactly the same as described.

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Let’s see

test-text-file.txt (9 Bytes)

I just made an edit to this post, here’s what it looked like before my edit:


Yep confirmed that resets the count for some reason…

(RĂ©gis Hanol) #12

This is not as easy as I’d hoped but it’s still on my :memo: list. Will get it fixed by the end of the week.

(RĂ©gis Hanol) #13

So the issue is that we extract links from post several times during the cooking and post cooking process. Since they also change from relative/bare to absolute/cdn in the same process, we’re effectively deleting the links to recreate them later on. Thus losing the clicks count.

I’ve pushed a fix to ensure we always store links to uploads using the URL we keep in the database.

(Jeff Atwood) #14

Sounds good but I am a bit unclear. Will this fix all posts or just new posts?

It is OK if it is new posts only, I’m just asking.

(RĂ©gis Hanol) #15

Old posts will require a rebake (and a click count loss), new posts will be :ok_hand:.

(Jeff Atwood) #16

I rebaked the post above and it doesn’t seem to be working. Let me try a new attachment.

Can everyone reading this please click ↓ ↓

another-test-file.txt (19 Bytes)

Post edited, October 3rd 2018!

Click counter missing for some internal links
(RĂ©gis Hanol) #17

Turns out, I also needed to take into account CDN so I extracted the cook_url method from the CookedPostProcessor and used it so we store the same links as the one we cook in the posts

(RĂ©gis Hanol) #18

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