Bug in onebox - link being rendered as a Gist when it isn't

There seems to be a bug in Onebox where a link is being shown as a Gist when it’s just a Medium article, here’s the link:

(Same thing happening here)


Oh, yikes, we should fix that, looks like a bad regex somewhere @techAPJ can you sort this out.


I believe this is an issue on the Medium side. I am seeing this canonical link in the source of the linked article:

<link data-rh="true" rel="canonical" href="https://gist.github.com/139a99b16e8d1fb37b1b3634b14d9052"/>

Onebox library always follows the canonical link.

Other Medium articles are oneboxing fine so it might be a regression in Medium articles with Gist embedded.

We can add medium.com to the list of domains to ignore canonical tag, should we do that @sam? Note that Medium allows custom domains so this will not work in all the cases.

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Done via: