Medium Onebox support

Does onebox support embedding links from Medium?
I’m noticing it does not currently. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance

Not sure what you mean. It seems to work perfectly well here…


Ok, that’s good to know. Thanks. But still odd. It isn’t working for us, but FB, Twitch, etc work fine on our site’s onebox.

Any ideas why it may not be working for us?

Is it consistently not working, for multiple, different links?
Are you on the latest Discourse version?

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Yes, consistently not working.
And yes, we are on the latest version… well v1.9.0.beta8 +34 but it was doing this before this version as well.

Try to curl the same link from inside the container. We had a similar problem with another user here on Meta, and his server ip was blacklisted on the server.


I’ll try that, thanks.
That would be ironic since I was inserting an article form our own Medium blog post :slight_smile: