Bug in security tab


  1. Open category
  2. Edit-Security
  3. Assuming everyone: Create/Reply/See
  4. Press Edit permissions
  5. DELETE everyone leaving permission blank
  6. Bug #1: Notice that everyone does not show up in the drop-down box
  7. Select admin in drop-down box and Create/Reply/See
  8. Press Add permission
  9. Bug #2: Notice that it is admin: [en.permission_types.]
  10. If you check now, everyone is back in the drop-down box

Will give it a look, I think I will have to do like edit topic timer, this component has very specific behaviour and I will have to write extended tests. Probably related to select-kit. Thanks for the detailed report.


Note that this bug also appears when adding new groups: a full page reload is necessary to have them appearing in the list.


Hi, thanks for the report, but Iā€™m not sure what you are talking about, could you give me a detailed reproduction please ?

This should be fully fixed, could you confirm please?


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